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Guernsey and London-based figurative artist, Sally Ede-Golightly, paints with oils on linen and often uses gilding as a way of highlighting certain elements of her work that appear naïve or toy-like. Her work has a loose yet realistic feel.


Having trained as a portrait painter at London Fine Art Studios and Heatherleys School of Fine Art in Chelsea, her painting are steeped in traditional atelier methods but she uses a more contemporary palette and a language that she has developed over time. She is drawn to calm and nostalgic compositions, but often offset against intensity or chaos. While many of her pieces are based on sittings from life, she also likes to references photographs and works by other artists in her paintings.

Sally was awarded the Heatherleys Portrait Prize in 2019 by Daphne Todd OBE and later that year she had her first solo exhibition. In 2020, Sally exhibited with the Royal Society of Portrait Painters and with ING Discerning Eye. In 2021 she exhibited with The Society of Women Artists. She has allso also exhibited in group exhibitons in Guernsey with the Gate House Gallery and with Le Passage Gallery in Alderney. Sally has completed numerous commissions for private individuals, galleries and for private institutions including for the Royal Society of Portrait Painters.

In 2021 Sally completed a portrait of Jaroslav Novak, commissioned by Art for Guernsey, as part of its cultural diplomacy project. It was unveiled by the Czech Ambassador in Guernsey and also at the embassy in London. Art for Guernsey created this film, which is based on the commission.

In that same year Sally also completed a commission of Nicola Brink MBE, commissioned by Le Passage Gallery in Alderney. The painting was unveiled by Nicola at the opening of the galleries summer exhibition that summer.

She is currently working towards her next solo exhibition which is planned for late 2023.

Sally is also a trained conservator of oil paintings and gilded frames and runs Ede Conservation, a fine art conservation studio based in Guernsey.

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